Meet the team

We are a small team of dedicated, hard working & fun-loving gals. We go above and beyond for our clients and are known for our can do attitudes!

Molly has spent her lifetime loving flowers. Growing up in Central New York some of her favorite memories include wandering through acres of abandoned lilac groves behind her house, visiting her grandmother’s extensive flower and vegetable gardens, and later living in Europe, surrounded by beautiful markets and floral displays that were a part of everyday life.

Molly reminds us to put the important things first, which are people and service to others. She wants to make the world a better place- more joyful, more appreciative, and more generous. She believes that it is a privilege to be a part of your milestone event and treats every single client like family.

When she is not in the flower studio you can usually find her with her amazing husband (and senior business advisor) Tom and their 5 grownish kids, enjoying time with friends, traveling the world. If she cries at your wedding, don’t be surprised!

Favorite food: Crusty bread and a glass of ice cold chardonnay.
Favorite flower: Lilac
Hidden talent: Accordion master (in training), and making a sick playlist for our busy weeks

Molly Copa

Hattie Sloane

Hattie is our resident artist and is proud to be an OG Austinite. She has BFA in Painting & Drawing as well as an MFA in Fine Arts. After a 3 year stint in Philadelphia she moved back to Texas in 2015 and, following in her grandmother's footsteps, realized that flowering was meant to be a part of her life. As our creative director she loves fun clients who trust her to design works of floral art through her deep knowledge of the principals of design: color, texture, composition, balance and movement.

When she is not in the flower studio you can find her painting in her studio, hanging with her fiancée Pete and their 2 dogs and 2 cats, playing in the garden, organizing ALL the things, and brewing a mean french press.

Favorite Food: Mexican & Margs all day
Favorite Flower: Purple Clematis
Hidden Talent: JOKES! Even though they usually don’t land….

Creative Director/ Lead Designer

Owner / Lead Designer/ Boss Babe

Kathryn Magill



Kathryn is the newest member of the team, is an original Austinite and is Hattie's cousin! She has a Bachelors degree in Radio Television & Film from UNT and has appeared in independent films during SXSW!  Kathryn runs everything in the warehouse, managing our supplies, inventory, hard goods, and keeps us organized on event day. Kathryn is passionate about learning and has started lending a hand when it comes to flower processing and onsite design. She is extremely detail oriented and makes sure our decor offerings are in tip top shape for every single event.  

When she is not in the studio you can find her playing with her kitties, cooking, appreciating Austin's live music scene, and working on her side hustle creating custom designs on her CNC router. 

Favorite Food: Boston Style pizza and a crispy IPA
Favorite Flower: Lavender
Hidden Talent: She can play the banjo

Warehouse Manager

Favorite food: Carrots
Favorite flower: Anything with a woody stem
Hidden Talent: Practitioner of puppy yoga

Favorite food: TREEEETS
Favorite flower: Whatever she can find and hide
Hidden Talent: Looking sad on command 


Branch Manager

Melissa Ross

Melissa joined the Flora Fetish family as a full time team member in June 2021 but has been helping out with wedding set up's since May 2019. She is an Austin original and a recent graduate from Texas A&M. She holds a degree in Recreation, Parks and Tourism Sciences with a focus in Tourism Management, and a minor in Sport Management. She lives and breathes all things logistics and makes sure we not only stay on top of our busy schedule but THRIVE.  Her peppy spirit and upbeat attitude push us to be better (and let's be honest, more fun) people.

When she is not in the flower studio you can find her sipping delicious beverages by the pool, hanging out with her super fun family and niece Annie and going out with her friends! 

Favorite Food: A Red fish bowl from Joann's Fine Food on SOCO
Favorite Flower: Thistle
Hidden Talent: Avid Rummikub Enthusiast and Expert

Production and Operations Manager

Julie Morris

Julie is our "Jill of all trades". Not only is she an expert at creating all of our delicate personals like boutonnieres, flower crowns, and corsages, but she also cooks delicious meals that nourish our souls, leads mid day yoga lessons to heal our tired bodies, and rounds out our team to make us feel whole and ultra loved. Julie's attention to detail is unparalleled and we are always so inspired by her creations.

When she is not in the flower studio you can find her working in her garden, cooking delicious meals for her twin daughters, dancing salsa, and continuing her floral education through workshops, floral books, and virtual seminars.

Favorite Food: Anything out of the Ina Garten cook book
Favorite Flower: Ranunculus
Hidden Talent: Bowling champ

Small details specialist


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a few of
our favorite things

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a few of
our favorite things

Unknown. Colorful soldierfish banded sole jump. Floating ear snail fishy grow.



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a few of
our favorite things