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How did you two meet?

It is actually a pretty long complicated story…..

One piece of backstory that is necessary for the story is my wild obsession for pitbulls… One summer my Junior year of college my then roommates brother posted a photo of the cutest pitbull – I told my roommate we should drive up to see it.

We drove up from Houston to College Station to hang out with this pup – since we were only there for a day her brother invited us back up to College Station for a pool party that weekend, We agreed, the weekend came and we headed back up to CS.

I was then told that there was someone for me to meet – upon arrival and meeting the guy everyone thought would be a good match I quickly realized they all either didn’t know this guy or didn’t know me, ha! It was a definite no.

As we were getting ready for the pool party, my roommates brothers roommate (told you, complicated) came downstairs to greet everyone. Little did I know, that is when I met my husband for the first time. Unfortunately anti-climactic it was not love at first site, he was attractive and had a great sense of humor. However, I did not see this going anywhere,

Boy was I wrong, as the night went on his humor and personality stole my heart – and im assuming something I did stole his as well since he didn’t leave my side the entire time!

I drove back home to Houston the next day and the rest is history, we spent the next year and a half traveling back and forth until I graduated and moved up to College Station! Oh, but back to the pitbull backstory – the first gift he ever gave me was my “son”, a pitbull – to “commemorate” the fact that we technically met thanks to a pitbull pup :p

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What is your special Engagement story?

Austin took me to look at rings at about 2 years into dating – this made me so excited, however, little did I know his timeline was a lot farther out than mine. After anxiously waiting for every weekend to pass for the next 6 months I decided to let it go…. 6 months later when I was least expecting it he asked if I would go to Houston with him for his grandmothers birthday dinner….

Our families are close, so he told me my family would be joining us since we were in town and rarely get to have everyone together. Stilll, completely fooled at this point. We get to Perrys and greet everyone… there is a powerpoint on a screen saying “Happy Birthday Grammy” (this was not suspicious because it is a very “Howell” thing to do) his dad went to the screen after about 15 minutes and clicked the next slide.

To my disbelief on the screen was a collage of all of our closest friends, family and our pup holding up signs saying “Will you marry me” when I looked back down, there he was on one knee.

Austin knew it was important to me to have my family there to celebrate – so this was a dream come true proposal. Oh, he also fooled me so well it wasn’t even Grammys birthday!

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Tell us a little about you’re wedding details…

Ceremony and Reception was located at:

Canyonwood Ridge – Dripping Springs, TX

We are submitting a theme and catchy color palette description. What would you suggest?

I had a rustic chic vibe and my colors were soft shades of pink, ivory and gold throughout.

Did you have favorite flowers or a decor area that we should credit or recognize?

The tall centerpieces had to be my absolute favorite – along with my bouquet.

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Did you create or customize favors?

Yes, we had matches with “Howell” and our wedding date on them – we had a “sparkler send-off” so we thought this would be perfect.

Can you tell us the dress maker for your gown and any details we can add to the blog?

I wore the Remmington Gown by Hayley Paige.  I saw this dress almost a year before I got engaged and knew it was the one. I went to 3 bridal boutiques in Houston and they only had it in a blush version.

Although I tried it on at the first location and absolutely fell in love, my mom made me go to the other stores just in case. At the end of the day I couldn’t stop thinking about the Remmington Gown – so we ended up going to Austin the weekend after and purchasing it (never seeing it in ivory)

I wouldn’t have worn any other dress, it was absolutely amazing and I still look at it to this day!

What made your wedding day unique?

I am not sure if this is unique or not but It definitely made my wedding day special. I always had a dream of getting married outdoors – so Canyonwood was perfect. However, the morning (well week) of our wedding the weather decided it did not believe in my dream.

Austin had the worst rain and weather it had all Spring. The morning of my wedding it was pouring – and although this would ruin my plans of an outdoor wedding I was completely calm. Moments before having to choose “plan B” it cleared up outside and ended up being the most beautiful day ever!

What was your biggest splurge?

We did not have the biggest budget for our wedding but my mom was determined to do anything she could do to make all my wishes come true – with Carries help we were able to have beautiful floral at our wedding. Floral was absolutely my biggest splurge – it would have been easy to cut most floral out and use votives… but it just wouldn’t have been my dream wedding without Carries creations.

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Can you pick a favorite moment on the Wedding day that you would like to share?

My favorite moment would have to be walking down the isle with my dad. Everyone but Ausin and I thought the aisle song was going to be Canon – I made a change and had them play the instrumental version of “Faithfully” by Journey. Right before walking down the isle it came on and my dad looked down at me with flooded eyes and just smiled and said “Thomas”

We lost my “brother” a few years prior to my wedding and this was his favorite song – anytime it plays anywhere we say its him. I chose it to honor him at the wedding. His parents were there, so it was even more beautiful to see them enjoy is just as much as we did.

Did you find a great honeymoon place? Can you share any fun excursions or advice to others?

We stayed at The Four Seasons on Maui – it was absolutely magical and I could not have imagined a better honeymoon. One of our favorite things we did there was the “Road to Hana” – this lets you experience every single aspect of Maui and is an absolute MUST DO/SEE,

It is an all day event, so plan accordingly! We chose the self-guided route, it was better in our opinion to ensure you get to stop where you want to stop and not miss out on any of the beautiful landmarks.

What are other points or advice you would like to share about your love story or wedding day to other new brides?

As much as everyone told me I want to tell all brides – enjoy every single moment, do not get wrapped up in what could go wrong, or what did not go as planned.

As much as you plan, nothing will go perfectly right but in the end it will all end up being perfect in its own way. Take it in make sure you enjoy it enough to make the memories last a lifetime. It flies by incredibly too quickly.

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Floral : Flora Fetish
Catering : Mopsies
Dj : Hill Country DJ
Decor : Monarch
Dress : Haley Paige
Day of Coordinator : Amanda at Canyonwood
Officiant : The Knot Tyer
Venue : Canyonwood Ridge

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