How did you two meet? We met our first year of medical school. Chris was the first person I met and eventually became my best friend. The rest is history… ūüôā What is your special engagement story? Chris and I always dreamed of going to Paris, so Chris planned to propose there in December. Unfortunately, […]

How did you two meet? Drifting through the sea of 14,000,000 people in Los¬†Angeles, Rebecca and Seth finally met on April Fools day in¬†2015. Weeks after Seth first saw her volunteering, a close¬†friend introduced the two after a Wednesday night service.¬†His plans to go home and go to bed, quickly changed and a¬†small group relocated […]

How did you two meet?¬† We are college sweethearts; we met at Baylor University.¬† What is your special engagement story?¬† Well, with Brody‚Äôs profession of a college football coach, he is busy from the end of July through January, depending on bowl game situations. So, before the season starts, we go on an all out […]



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