How did you two meet?

We met at Baylor College while Ali was completing his Anesthesiology residency training and I (Yisel) worked in research. One of my research projects required that I work closely with the Anesthesiology dept. Ali began his rotation in Obstetrics-Gynecology (the dept. I worked for) in the fall of 2013. We had several mutual patients during his rotation, and were required to work closely. At the end of his rotation he asked me out and we began to dating.

What is your special engagement story?

Ali planned a surprise engagement with my family on our 3 year dating anniversary for several months. He filled our apartment with flowers, petals and candles while a slideshow played in the background. My family kept me preoccupied all day meanwhile he decorated our entire apartment. I walked in to our apartment totally surprised, with my parents, and other sister- At first I thought the whole set up was his way of apologizing for not hanging out with me on our 3 year dating anniversary. I thought, wow not bad-def can’t be mad anymore. But then he got down on one knee, while my brother and sister came out with “will you marry” me signs, pulled out a beautiful diamond ring and asked me to marry him! I cried, my family cried and I said YES. Then we all had champagne and my favorite cupcakes before heading out to a nice dinner!


Tell us a little about your wedding details…

I wanted a timeless classic wedding, I chose gold and white with pops of greenery.

Ceremony and Reception was located at:

Ma Maison

Did you have favorite flowers or a decor area?

My entire reception decor was absolutely stunning. I loved ALL my centerpieces, and teardrop bouquet. My favorite were the large centerpieces on Ma Maison’s crystal candelabras, as well as the orchid centerpieces.

Can you tell us the dress maker for your gown and any details?

Hayley Paige (both gowns)

What made your wedding day unique?

Our location, and the people who attended (from all backgrounds). It was beautiful seeing them all in one location for us. This was a destination wedding for everyone who attended our wedding.


What was your biggest splurge?

Food, Décor (rentals), & Floral

Did you create or customize favors?

Yes! We had Whataburger for all of our guests. It was a hit!

Can you pick a favorite moment on your wedding day that you would
like to share?

My first look with my father, and one-on-one time with my husband during cocktail hour. We had a private dinner and danced to our song in the middle of our dance floor, just the two of us. We had the opportunity to enjoy each others company before all of the chaos.

Did you find a great honeymoon place? Can you share any fun
excursions or advice to others?

We chose Tulum Mexico, because of the beautiful scenery (beach, jungles, cenotes, etc.) and short travel time (less than 3hr flight). We were so exhausted from wedding planning, we didn’t want a trip that required lengthy travel. We also wanted to relax but also have options in the event we changed our minds and wanted to venture out. We swam with dolphins, went ziplining, snorkeled, and swam in the cenotes.


What are other points or advice you would like to share about your love
story or wedding day to other new brides?

Enjoy your wedding day and don’t get too hung up on small details that don’t go as planned. Choose a great photographer that will capture moments you won’t remember or missed.



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