Vista On Seward Hill | Rebecca + Djamel

Rebecca + Djamel’s gorgeous outdoor garden wedding was at The Vista on Seward Hill in  Austin, Texas.
How did you two meet?
“While looking at colleges my mom and I use to talk about meeting my future husband at school. We arrived at Coastal Carolina University on move-in day and we were instantly impressed. A random guy helped me carry all of my boxes to my dorm. The next year we crossed paths through mutual friends and we all became very close friends.Thankfully, we never dated in college.”
“A few years after graduation we attended the same wedding and began dating! After knowing each other for 10 years and dating for 2 1/2 Djamel finally popped the question!”
What is your engagement story?
“We are not a romantic couple, so when Djamel turned down a trip to Colorado to see our best friends and suggested going to Fredericksburg for a weekend I knew something was up! I instantly called my mom and best friend to tell them he was going to propose! I was so excited and instantly began planning the weekend in Fredericksburg, which started with a manicure. I told the lady that morning that he was going to propose, I couldn’t wait.”
“We arrived at Fredericksburg and went to hick Enchanted Rock, but first I made sure to put cuticle oil on and some makeup! He literally ran up the rock, I swear it was in record time. We sat on top of the rock chatting (small talk because I was just waiting) and he then rolled onto one knee and asked me to marry him!! Obviously I said “YES!!!”BEKKA_92
What venue did you choose?
“We wanted to have a smaller wedding that was intimate and allowed us to spend time with the people closest to us! We looked at several venues, but as soon as we saw The Vista on Seward Hill (VOSH) we instantly fell in love. It was exactly what we were looking for and close to downtown!”
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What theme and color palette did you follow?
“We wanted to have subtle colors, so we went with a blush and dark navy blue. The dark navy blue blended in well with our nighttime setting and created the romantic feel we were going for. For our dinner hour it was out on the lawn. We had chandeliers hanging from the trees, thanks to Austin Event Lighting, and went with a dark navy blue tablecloth so our flowers stood out more (thanks for the advice Carrie)!”

Can you tell us the dress maker for your gown and any details?
Finding my gown was one of the easiest decisions I had! My mom and I randomly went to Blush Bridal one Friday and I tried on 4 or 5 dresses. I fell in LOVE with my dress, but knew Djamel didn’t like strapless dresses because everyone is always pulling them up. After leaving the store, without the dress, I called my best friend. She was obsessed with the dress and we discussed options to make sure Djamel would like it. My mom and I stopped back into Blush later that day and walked out with the dress! I have to thank my AMAZING seamstress, Olga European Fashion for her beautiful work! I ended up leaving the dress strapless and I never touched my dress all night, it fit like a glove!


What was your biggest splurge?
“Our biggest splurge was with our large floral arrangements. My mom (the Bride’s mom) kept insisting that we needed them. I was trying to cut back on some of the costs because it is a lot of money for one day. After seeing some of the arrangements that Carrie did at VOSH there was no way that we could say no! Carrie also worked with us and moved the arrangements inside, so they had multiple uses!”

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Can you pick your favorite moment?
“I have two favorite moments: The first would be our first look and then the 30 minutes follow it. We had our first look at the Austin Botanical Gardens. My second favorite moment was the few minutes before walking down the aisle. I am extremely close to two of my brothers and asked them to walk me down the aisle. After the girls left it was just the three of us and we were able to chat for a few minutes, it was very special.”

What was your honeymoon location?
“My husband has travel a lot, so when it came to our honeymoon he did not want to do the cookie cutter honeymoon. I let him make all of our honeymoon decisions. We went to Nicaragua for a week and stayed at Aqua Wellness Resort. It was the perfect end to our wedding week and beginning of our marriage.”


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